Comparison of two of the most famous frameworks of Golang.

Overall architecture:

Overall Architecture


Open Source Library

Sample Code

Why Revel?

How I got hacked

Basic Data pipeline to start with

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A secure way to implement a Lambda function that monitors all the services hosted on EC2 instances using Secrets Manager

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Few of my learnings from many years of software development experience and after many mistakes

Always doubt your design

Developers tend to have different executables for different development environments. This scheme moves the various configuration out to a YAML file which makes it easy to maintain the configuration for various environments and to have a single build.

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Advantages of having a configuration in an External File

  • Maintainability
  • One executable for all environments
  • Change in the configuration does not need a new build


In the age of fancy IDEs available for free why the old editors are still awesome.

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Free and installed on every System

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