It's more than just the number of years of experience

There is no clear line between a Junior Developer and a Senior Developer. And it’s not just the years of experience that matters. Your designation might be ‘Senior Developer’, but are you really worthy of the title.

I understand it is not easy to define the criteria. But the real question is do you feel you can perform all the tasks that a senior developer does.

The transition from a Junior Developer to a Senior Developer does not happen overnight, it’s a process that takes time.

In order to make yourself worthy of a Senior Developer title, you should develop…

Don’t hire before you need one!

An essential way to succeed for a startup is to have impeccable project management in place. Before getting into the concept of project management, let’s talk about a dream every startup is built upon. TO BECOME A UNICORN.

There are various stages of a startup that require different levels of project management.

  • Conceptualizing an idea
  • Building a team
  • Building POC and validating the idea
  • Iterating to build the product
  • Generating revenue and battling at multiple fronts.
  • Towards Unicorn

There are tons of project management tools available on the internet. You might need a tool or two to manage the product…

And How You Can Protect Yourself.

I started my career with a large corporate company. It was not easy to get used to the processes they had in place.

As it is true with everything, there are good and bad aspects of the corporate culture too. The positive aspect is slowly you understand the process that you hate in the beginning, and how it helps in achieving the goals at the workplace. The worst part of it is you see your colleagues, the kind ones turned into selfish and wicked people by the system.

There are many ways in which the corporate system can bring out…

There are two types of people, one who can work in a big organization and others who love to work in a startup. Find out which one you are!

Nowadays in tier 2 and 3 colleges of India take pride to show 100% placement. Most of their students get placed in giant MNCs (mainly service companies).

Getting into these companies was the rage when I graduated. But I thank god that I could not clear their interview. I think I was too smart for them ;)

Though they are responsible for generating a lot of employment for engineering graduates, they are also responsible for creating a workforce that is not skilled. I don’t blame them, you need all sorts of skills and people at different levels. And I don’t…

“94% of engineering graduates are not fit for hiring”, is it true?

In 2018, a study done by Aspiring Minds claimed that 95 percent of engineers in the country were not fit for software development jobs. Veterans like TV Mohandas Pai and Kiran Mazumdar Shaw disagreed with the study.

In an interview with Times of India, CP Gurnani, CEO & MD of Tech Mahindra said “The top 10 IT companies take only 6% of the engineering graduates. What happens to the remaining 94%?”.

Here I am going to give my opinion on the quality of engineering graduates I have come across in many years of experience. …

A simple way to handle errors in APIs

Go is a very popular language for good reason. It is a simple language with performance as good as a low-level language like C++. Acceptance of Golang in web development is booming at a high rate.

The Gin web framework uses a custom version of HttpRouter, that navigates through your API routes faster than most frameworks out there. Gin claims to be 40 times faster than Martini.

While developing APIs for your service you might want a way to handle the errors/exceptions and return appropriate HTTP error code and message to the client. …

Basic Data pipeline to start with

When your product is launched, you are expected to collect analytics of the usage of various features. It’s important for the entire company to have access to analytics to refine the existing features and predict the behavior of the users.

In the beginning, you might ask yourself “How do others build their data pipelines?”. You will come across many solutions that are being used in organizations having tons of users and a lot of traffic. It’s hard to implement and incorporate these designs when you are just starting with few users. …

A secure way to implement a Lambda function that monitors all the services hosted on EC2 instances using Secrets Manager


AWS provides many tools to monitor its own services. You can add alarms on various CloudWatch events. As you host more and more services on AWS it becomes difficult and important to make sure these services are running. You can use CloudWatch to find the state of your services by creating new Metrics. This process becomes expensive and difficult to manage after a point.


A Lambda function monitors all the services running on EC2 instances securely. Here is the proposed architecture:


Few of my learnings from many years of software development experience and after many mistakes

Design is an important part of the software development process. Yet many of us do not pay much attention to the design of the product and start coding directly. There are many conscious ways to improve your design skills every day. Results will start showing up over time. Eventually, a realization comes, better design helps in fewer bugs and better code structure, and ease of scalability.

I recommend the following approaches and tasks which if incorporated in the daily design process will improve your design skills.

Always doubt your design

There is always scope of doubt.

If you are not going to question yourself…

Comparison of two of the most famous frameworks of Golang.

The popularity of Golang has been increasing since its launch. A survey shows 76% of the users are using Golang at work and 66% are using it outside the workplace.

A lot of developers are considering Golang for Web development these days. There are several frameworks available for the language. It could be a nightmare to choose the framework you want to start your new app with.

There are two very popular MVC frameworks Beego and Revel. These frameworks are largely self-sufficient to develop a web app. …

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