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I am a programmer, hacker, computer science engineer, and product developer from Bangalore, India. I have 16+ years of Software engineering experience across multiple technologies including High-performance web backend platforms, Cloud services deployment.

These are some of the areas I have worked in: Product Development, Systems software & firmware…

Microservices are good, but to an extent and not for all teams

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We all have read enough about Microservices and the benefits they bring in.

Most talk about the pros like boost in development speed, scaling services independently. No one talks about its cons.

Without building a few microservices yourselves you would not realize the complexity they get your team into.


Amrit Pal Singh

Cloud Software Engineer | Product Development | I write about Tech and Travel | Profile https://bit.ly/3dNxaiK | Become a member https://bit.ly/3lZTw50

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