Why setting priority of your JIRA bugs is critical and hard

  • Priority —This signifies the precedence of the bugs. Higher the priority more important it is as of now. Priority is relative.
  • Severity — This shows the impact of the issue.

Significance of Priority & Severity

Common mistakes

  • Teams don’t prioritise the issues constantly.
  • All issues are marked P1. If all bugs are P1 then nothing is P1.
  • Severity is given more importance than priority. Issue might be severe but may not be of high priority for business.

Questions to ask

  • Does the bug severely effect the main use case of the product? Top Priority
  • Security compromised? Top Priority
  • Impact on Customer experience — Unusable? Top Priority
  • Frequent performance degradation leaves system unusable?
  • Frequent Crashes?
  • Is the bug not in the main use-case?
  • Performance degradation but the system is stable?
  • and many more …



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